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All I Want For Christmas…

Last year the ED team pulled together and produced an epic, moving, family holiday video. This year we spent weeks trying to think of a way we could ‘out do’ ourselves and produce something better than what we did last year. Personally, I just couldn’t imagine coming up with something more sincere, more genuine, more us than the heart and soul of last year’s Holiday video…. and then we did. 

After our ED retreat in August we decided to read/listen to the Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown as a team. Event Planning, and to a different extent marketing as a whole, is often about the illusion of control. This team spends its time thinking, strategizing and planning for different reactions, outcomes and scenarios all in the hopes of having some control over the ultimately uncontrollable scenarios that life presents. 

And so, what better than to be brave enough to share with you our imperfections. Life is not about control – although it often feels that way – it is about love, learning and laughter. It is a gift to be able to experience this every day with this team and to share the journey with our clients. 

If you want the full experience – get all the feels watching last year’s video…then this one. 

I hope you laugh as hard as I did. 🙂