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Events, both in-person and virtual, are more than social gatherings, they have the power to portray your message in an engaging and dynamic way that is significantly more memorable than a billboard campaign. A well curated event can evoke emotion from your guests, encourage them to take action with your organization, educate them on an important topic and much more. 

We pride ourselves on a strategic, client focused approach that goes beyond choosing the right linen colour and appetizer selection- don’t get us started on our soap box about being ‘Party Planners’.  We focus on key marketing messages, your brand values and the importance of guest experience. We take the heavy lifting of research, sourcing, planning and evaluating options off your plate.

Our team has experience with in-person, virtual and hybrid events both locally and nationally. From small private gatherings (pre-pandemic) to 1800+ national holiday celebrations we can work with you to find a unique way to express your message to stakeholders. 

Get in touch with Kelsey to start discussing your next unique event. 

Virtual Events

Although the popularity of virtual events has dramatically increased in the past year, they are by no means new or a start up industry. Yes, there are hundreds of virtual event platforms and more joining the crowded market, but sharing content, hosting webinars, conference sessions and meetings is nothing new.

For many organizations, a virtual event is a better option, and for many, we suspect they will continue to keep their events virtual even when they have the option of being in-person again.

When done right, virtual events are not just another meeting but a unique and engaging experience for attendees. We love chatting events and thinking of new ways to share your message so, send us a message!

Corporate Events

We are masters of the universe. Well, maybe not, but we can master the realm of events by transitioning big visionary ideas to finer details. Find out how we can create an unforgettable experience.

Corporate Events we have produced include:

  • Corporate anniversary milestones 
  • Golf tournaments
  • Grand openings
  • Open houses
  • Brand launches
  • Years of service recognition
  • Employee appreciation events
  • Customer appreciation events
  • Christmas events
  • Team building & education

Conference Management

Multi-day education sessions, evening social events, online registrations and promotion, more speakers and flights than you can count! Event logistics for conferences require a strong team of detail oriented people that won’t shy away from negotiating your venue contract and that speaker fee that needs to come down to fit within budget. 

Fundraising & Community Engagement

Fundraisers and community events come in a variety of formats, but they all have a common goal – to raise awareness, funds or both. Whether the format is a 5K walk or a 1200-person gala dinner, the impact of funds raised are life-changing for the individuals receiving support. 

We believe that the ‘ask’ truly is an art and our team has helped many organizations create stronger sponsorship opportunities that are more attractive to their partners. 

Our team’s experience in sponsorship writing, negotiating and benefit fulfillment will create lasting relationships for your organization.

Does your fundraiser need a refresh? Click here to send a message.

Private Events



Life is full of milestone moments and we are honoured when our clients ask us to be a part of their celebrations. After a 40 year career, you better believe your colleague, friend or spouse deserves a retirement party as memorable as they are! 

Private events include: Retirement Celebrations, Graduations, Milestone Anniversaries & Birthdays.