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Virtual Events

Would you believe us if we said any event can be virtual? Of course, it will be different but there are ways to fundraise, award employees with recognition, host a seminar or celebrate a corporate milestone…that isn’t boring! It also opens the door to having more international speakers or entertainers and you don’t have the additional travel expenses.

There are some key differences between in person and virtual events that our team will help guide you through such as choosing the right platform or app and the importance of using different media to keep your attendees engaged.

Can we be mythbusters for a moment? Virtual events are not less expensive than in person events (generally), the resources needed are just different. For example, instead of having staff at a registration desk, you now have tech support on the chat helping your attendees navigate the event and any technical issues they have. 

When done right, virtual events are not just another meeting but a unique and engaging experience for attendees. We love chatting events and thinking of new ways to share your message so, send us a message!