Concierge Implementation Program® – Efficient and effective.

Let’s get it done. Once the plan is complete, you can execute the plan on your own or sign up for our Concierge Implementation Program® so we can help. Whether it’s a huge media campaign or a one-off marketing piece, ED can help you do it. Do you have a plan for your brand but no creative way to execute it? We’ll help. We have:

  • Writers who are eager to articulate your business
  • Designers who want to help you present the right image
  • Planners who are waiting to create the perfect event

We can help you re-brand or do some soul-searching, so your marketing materials and creative direction (website, cards, promotional items, even delivery methods) match your brand.

You have enough on your plate, let ED get it done !

CAFE National – Web banner and poster template

The Canadian Association of Family Enterprise approached ED for help creating a web banner and poster template for their Family Business Day. The web banner was straight-forward, with a focus on creating a masterpiece succession plan. The poster, however, needed to be different for each Canadian chapter. ED created one poster design that allowed for customized text.