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Employee and customer satisfaction surveysComprehensive and informative

Listen up! Listening is the key to effective communication. Let ED create an appropriate questionnaire and survey a sample of your customers or employees. We do surveys by phone, email, or face-to-face interviews—whatever suits your business best.

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Edmonton International Film Festival – 2004-2007 patron satisfaction survey

Edmonton Film FestivalBack in 2004, Kerrie Long, the new EIFF general manager, had a lot of questions for festival patrons. She had new ideas for the festival and wanted input and ED got EIFF as one of its first clients. ED created a discussion document to help EIFF get their bearings and learn more about their audience and how to speak with them. We’re looking forward to this year’s festival!

Since 2004, the Edmonton International Film Festival has contracted ED Marketing & Communications to create, produce and execute a strategic survey of festival-goers. The purpose of these annual surveys is to equip organizers with the knowledge of who attends the film festival, what they read, watch and do in their spare time, and how important audiences rate logistics such as number of films, quality of movie theatres, ticketing price points, etc. The team at ED has done a remarkable job of collecting and intrepreting this data. Their work has been instrumental in shaping the EIFF and assisting organizers with making informed decisions about advertising and marketing spends. We feel lucky to have ED Marketing & Communications as part of our team and attribute a large part of our growth to their fantastic work!

Kerrie Long, General Manager, Edmonton International Film Festival