Riding Waves Is Like Building a Business

A few years ago I took up surfing. I know.  It’s a bit random for an Edmonton born and raised girl to take up surfing – but I started it, and can’t stop. It’s been a long time since I’ve been passionate about a hobby to the point of checking out gear and obsessively planning trip after trip to surf destinations on the off chance of catching a few waves. Surf Cali

In learning to surf I’ve also learned that surfing has a lot to teach us about business ownership.

1. Don’t Look Down - The second you look down at the water or your board that’s where you go… down. It’s true that sometimes you fall anyway, in business and in surfing without looking down, but in my limited learning experience, when you look down, that’s the way you go.

2. Look Across the Line – If you’re not looking down, you should be looking down the line of the wave. There you’ll see what’s coming and how you should react or when possible plan ahead.

3. Be Polite in the Line up But Paddle Like Each Wave is the Best One and You’re About to Miss It – When you surf, you wait in what’s called a ‘line up’. The surfer closest to the break of the wave gets the right of way. Catching waves is partially about reading the ocean and then always paddling to be where you think the best position on the wave will be. Business is similar. I find it’s less about what the competition is doing, and more about knowing where you are in the space of the ‘wave’. Always be paddling like your next move is your best one. (Notice it’s not the ‘last’ one…it’s the best one!)

4. Be Present – It’s not just for surfers and yogis, being present is a great business philosophy too. I find I have a terrible surf session when my mind is elsewhere. When I’m thinking too much about a hurdle I’m facing with a client’s project or whether or not I locked the car is when I miss opportunities and inevitably crash. When I think of nothing but what I’m doing I am calm and focused – it is after those times of calm and focus that I get my best ideas.

5. Commit – One way or the other in business and in surfing you have to commit. Commit to catching the wave. Commit to the project. The worst falls happen when one foot is on the board and the other is having second thoughts.

6. Breathe – Surfing is an adrenaline rush and often so is steering a business. There is nothing like the rush of catching a great wave or having your best year ever in business. But the excitement of the adrenaline can also cause rash decisions. Remembering to breathe through the excitement lets you maintain focus, and be aware of what is happening around you without losing the rush of adrenaline.

Christmas In June!36-Christmas-in-July-177895771-resized-600.jpg

Christmas in June? You may be thinking that we’re off our rocker but we have a point. Christmas and Holiday parties are going to sneak up on you…like they do every year.

Have you booked a venue? Because they’re filling up. What about entertainment? If you want a better band than last year you should make some calls ASAP! Or more easily make one call and we’ll take the gory details off your plate.

Planning events is just one of the things we do, so let us do what we do so that you can back to what you and your company does best. Heading into the third quarter you should be thinking about whether or not you’re going to hit or exceed your annual targets not about whether Santa’s going to show up on time.

To sweeten the pot a little bit more if you call us before July 15th to talk about your Christmas party we will give you 10% off of your quote. Ho! Ho! Ho!


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